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Banister & Handrail Painting

Let Impact Painting transform your home or business with our expert painters. We have years of experience and a commitment to quality. Our satisfied customers and referrals demonstrate our dedication to delivering exceptional results. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create a stunning transformation for your property. Experience true professionalism and join your neighbors in choosing us for all your painting needs.
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Trusted Banister & Handrail Painters Serving South Lyon & Surrounding Areas 

When it comes to painting banisters and handrails, you want to ensure that you are hiring a trusted and reliable painting company. At Impact Painting, we specialize in providing top-notch painting services to clients in South Lyon and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced painters understands the importance of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail when it comes to painting banisters and handrails. We take pride in our work and strive to deliver exceptional results that exceed our clients' expectations.

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Rated 5/5 stars from over 50+ reviews.
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Bring New Life Into Out-Dated Banisters & Handrails With Impact Painting

If your banisters and handrails are looking worn out and outdated, it's time to bring new life into them with Impact Painting. Our team of professional painters specializes in transforming outdated and dull banisters and handrails into a stunning focal point in your home.

What our clients say

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Get the Perfect Paint Job with Our Trusted Professionals Impact painting company, we believe that the satisfaction of our clients is the most important aspect of our business. That's why we love hearing what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

Listening to our clients' feedback allows us to continuously improve and provide the best service possible. We take their opinions and suggestions to heart in order to make sure we are meeting and exceeding their expectations.

When you visit our website or social media pages, you'll find testimonials and reviews from our previous clients. These testimonials are a reflection of our dedication to quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that choosing a painting company can be a daunting task, but hearing about other clients' positive experiences can help build confidence in our services.

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Quality, Professionalism, Punctuality, and Customer Satisfaction

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At Impact Painting Company, quality is at the core of everything we do. We believe that quality work is the foundation of building strong, lasting relationships with our customers. From the moment you first contact us for a quote, to the final brushstroke on your walls, we strive to deliver the highest level of quality in every aspect of our work

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Professionalism starts from the moment our team arrives at your doorstep. Our painters are trained to be punctual, well-groomed, and dressed in appropriate attire. We understand that first impressions matter, and we want our customers to feel confident and comfortable with our team from the start. 

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Punctuality is more than just showing up on time; it is about respecting our clients' time and ensuring that we deliver our services as promised. We firmly believe that being punctual demonstrates our professionalism and dedication to providing a reliable and efficient painting service.

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Customer Satisfaction

At Impact Painting Company, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. We believe that happy customers are the foundation of a successful business. That's why we prioritize providing top-quality service and ensuring that our customers' needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Cover Stained Handrails?

Yes, Impact Painting can paint stained handrails and banisters. Our team of skilled painters is experienced in working with various surfaces and finishes, including stained wood. We understand that handrails and banisters can often become worn or faded over time, and a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve their appearance.

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What Is Your Process For Painting A Banister?

At Impact Painting company, we take great pride in our thorough and meticulous painting process, especially when it comes to painting handrails and banisters. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of our process: cleaning all surfaces, fixing/filling imperfections, sanding all surfaces, cleanup all dust, priming all surfaces to be painted.

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How Long Will Painting My Handrail & Banister Take?

The duration of painting a handrail and banister will vary depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the area to be painted, the condition of the surfaces, the type of paint and primer being used, and the level of detail required.

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Why Should I Paint My Handrail & Banister?

Painting your handrail and banister is an important aspect of maintaining and enhancing the overall appearance and safety of your home or office space. Here are a few reasons why you should consider painting your handrail and banister: aesthetics, protection, easier grip and visibility for safety, and easier to dust/keep clean.

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